Friday, 6 January 2012

Wish I was RICH!

I really do. I spend so much money in my head. 
I've dangerously been reading (hooked on, really) a fashion blog, and, although she is an editor of a magazine and works as a designer for H&M, she wears amazing stuff. Dangerous, why? Because she wears Prada, Acne, etc. Designer stuff. 
Now, I can find far far cheaper alternatives, and the high street (Topshop, River Island etc) is great. 
But there's this leather jacket I reeeeally want.... it's about £300...  this is it . 
Ahhhhh purrrty! 
But, I really would rather pay for....oh I don't know... a trip to Paris with my two best girl-friends ;-] (or maybe even less!) with that sort of money!  
But I have found one on Amazon, a Barney's jacket. Its waaay cheaper... well, it's still £99, but I did pay £150 for my other actual leather jacket ... so £99 is ok compared to that... 
But I'm not sure about looks very similar to a smaller...more cropped PVC jacket I have... and I don't really want to pay £99 for a PVC looking leather jacket! 

What do you think?
Ahh I'm addicted to clothes =[ ! 

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