Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

So, a day late, but better late than never huh?! To be honest, me and the other spent all of new year's day in bed, watching films, eating, sleeping etc. And after getting in at 5am from a NYE party, I'd say it was well deserved! Besides, we have today to not waste as such. Which gives yesterday another reason to have spent it as we did...(it makes no sense, but you get the gist!) 

So, it is January 2nd, 2012. What are my new year's resolutions. Well, discussing these with the family, I discovered that I had more of a "to-do" list than a new years resolution list. So, I guess my main new year's resolution is to 

Become a very healthy person. 

I aim to achieve this by the end of this year, by walking to work instead of driving (it is only 10 minutes away!), going to the gym at least twice a week, eating more fruit and veg, and eat less crap! 

My "to-do" list is this:

1. Get a better job
2. Save up at least £10,000 for a deposit for a house
3. Spend more time reading, blogging, scrapbooking, diary writing. 
4. Give the fiancĂ© the space he needs to complete his theory test and ICT  course. 
5. Spend less time on Facebook! 
6. Go on lots of little holidays. 

I was going to add "buy less clothes", but, I really can't make that a promise to myself. Clothes is just what I love to buy. People may not know this about me, but I think really hard about my image, and what I wear, how I wear it, etc. I find it so important to wear what is me - well, the two sides of me at least (the "rock chick" look and the "comfortable, girl-next-door look). 

So that's it. I am hopefully going to make 2012 a year in which everything is going to happen, or at least, make it so that I am halfway to where I want life to be. This is going to be the year I get into first and second gear, really getting the gears going round, so that by the end of the year and into next year, we can slow down, and sort of cruise along in 3rd and 4th gears. 
It seems like a huge task, but I think, if I get on it soon enough, I can achieve this goal! 

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