Thursday, 5 January 2012


I'm doing well so far. 
I'm on the very slow and steady train to re-inventing myself. 
Sounds stupid, yes I know, but I fancied a change. 

Detox hasn't started yet - not sure if I should gradually ease myself into not drinking caffinated drinks - juices, smoothies, herbal tea and water only - or go cold turkey. I'm still working that one out!
Diet is getting better. 

My self is getting better - I'm not so needy, last night I actually managed not to give a shit whether I saw the other half or not. Today I didn't have that stupid clingy, missing feeling that I so often I have. It's good for me, and him - as we can both get on with ourselves. 
I am also going to buy one of these Philips Wake up Lights. I do have £35 of vouchers to put towards it, so it will only be £50. In theory, I guess it will work, and reviews are smashing, but I want to know if anyone actually has one of these, and uses one? And does it work?
I'm hoping it does, it will just be another step into a more improved, happier, energetic me! 

My style - oh man, there are 3 pairs of shoes that I want so that I can wear them in spring/summer and a pair of jeans that I neeed! 

I've been reading Elin Kling's blog here, and I love her style. So effortless. It's mainly jeans, t-shirt and gorgeous footwear, shoes or boots. I want to start wearing heels now. Because I live in jeans, the heels will make it way more feminine. The red shoes were an idea from Lauren Conrad's blog here, and I just think dark red with black or dark jeans is such a great look! 
Problem is...these shoes are so hard to find anywhere! I have gone through all the high street stores online, and all I can  find is stupid platform heels. There are too many of those darn shoes. The images are just from google, and all link to American sites *sad face* .

So, I may have to drag the other half to my nearest big shopping mall on Saturday in search for these shoes! Let me know if any of you find them, I will be eternally grateful! 

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