Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Not the Street Preachers (haha...) 
But life has been manic! Hence, why, again, I've been a little absent on here=[

I do have some really really really really good news..... I have a new job! 
It's working for Stagecoach, and I shall be a Senior Recruitment Clerk. Finally, I will be somewhere I want to be, I will be in a job that has responsibility, and that is relevant to my degree! I am so happy! 
So I gave in my notice at my current workplace. Let me tell you, that was the most terrifying thing I've had to do, possibly more terrifying than interviews! It felt so good afterwards. I am waking up now feeling so good, knowing that I only have 4 weeks left of here, then I'll be leaving. Going to Paris for the weekend, coming home, and starting my job! 

It feels like at last, things are finally falling into place. Now I need to get the other half up to scratch =P 
That's my little update post! 

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