Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another one gone...

Another weekend has flown by! Which also means another week has gone...2 down, 2 weeks to go... until I go on my long weekend away to Paris with my best friends, and also 2 weeks until I leave my old job and start my new! 
This weekend began with my work colleagues and I having leaving drinks (as is tradition), beginning in the local crap old man's pub and then making our way to Liverpool Street. It was a real fun night...not that I can remember much, looking at the photos I just can't remember certain things! All I can remember is walking round and round and round looking for salt beef bagels, which was well worth it, and having a laugh with the two Nats...! 
Saturday (the day after) I felt really icky in my skin, that sort of weird uncomfortable hungover feeling, and I was a little dizzy...and totally knackered! So it was amazing to just stay in bed all day with my gorgeous man, watch crap T.V, films, play on the xbox and eat junk. It was bliss. Then it started to snow! By 10 o clock pm there was about 2 inches on the ground, so my fiancĂ© stayed with me again. All snuggled and warm under the covers, I fell asleep happy and well rested in his arms (aawww ... bleurgh!!) 
Woke up to a white wonderland (well, wonderland is probably the wrong word..this is only Essex!) ... a little over 4 inches (we measured!) fell overnight! It looks so pretty!  
We got up, walked into town, got a few bits and dinner for the week then came home and now sitting in my room, blogging, playing games, facebooking, etc etc. 
Not a very exciting post for now, but I am still tired, recovering from Friday night! 
It'll get better soon!! 

Chow for Now! 

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