Monday, 6 February 2012

The Great Facebook Dilemma

So yeeeea, we're all (well, most) of us are on it. I'm guessing probably 7 out of 10 people upload photos of holidays, crazy nights out, cosy nights in with a loved one.
Well, it has occurred to me that I am guilty of the same. My whole life is plastered on that site. And I'm beginning to wonder just how...erm....what's the word... necessary that is. I recently learned that pictures I uploaded from an event that happened over the weekend were looked at by someone "checking up on me", someone who apparently never bothers to go on Facebook and "doesn't see the point". 
Now, sorry, but this brings up a lot of questions.
1) Why did they even go on there, when they don't usually go on there?
2) Why did they feel like they needed to check up on me? Trust issue here I assume? Something that I constantly get stick for. 
3) Why would they assume there is something on there that I need to hide? I put it up there for all to see, so, I don't care what is there. 

I was told that these pictures were "an embarrassment" of myself, and I should be ashamed. 
Well, I wasn't embarrassed initially. And why should I be ashamed of, well, doing as many people do - getting drunk and being a little silly? 
As long as I was loyal etc etc, why does it matter? 

Here's the dilemma....

Should I just stop bothering with Facebook completely so that no one sees how silly a drunkered I am? 

I like going on there and letting people know what I think, what I was up to at the weekend etc. But I confess, I don't like going on there and seeing how amazing people's love lives are, or how much money they have by going on holiday all the time. I imagine it's the same with me... people may hate seeing me all loved up with my fiancĂ© etc etc.

And now someone just uses it as a tool to check up on me? I now stand here not knowing what to do...
I think, I should just lay off of it for a bit. I'm not even sure if I should continue to link up this blog to Facebook, in fear of what someone may think when they check up on me...
hmm no, I think that I will just leave it. It's not like I am always on there updating my status every time I laugh at a joke or eat a piece of cheese. I shouldn't let someone influence the way I use this major social element of my life. I might just block them so that if they want to check up on me, they have to ask and trust me. Something that has been drilled into my brain for over 5 years since day 1 "you must trust me. are you checking up on me by ringing me and asking me what I am doing? Yes? Then your're checking up on me must mean you don't trust me" bla bla bla bla. 
Now the tables have turned. I have nothing to hide. Nothing. 
I have decided. I will just continue to use it as I have been doing. I am rather hurt and angry that it's been used as a means of overseeing my behaviour. That's not what it's really therefore. 

Ugh Facebook, you are the bloody bane of my life! 

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