Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photo Updates..why not!

So the above photos are just a few from the many that were taken from that famous Friday night where I lost my memory of certain events that happened. I'm still hearing stories of things that I did that I just can't remember! (Don't worry, they're not, like, really bad, dis-loyal stories!) For example, there's a supplier at work who's voicemail thing is hilarious, his name is Allan. For some weird reason, I pointed to some man and asked if his name was Allan?! He said yes and I was telling everyone that "that man over there is Allan from the suppliers!) I have no recollection of that =[. But I had my co-workers (friends, really) with me, and they assured me that I didn't do anything I would have regretted. Not that I'm of that nature anyway, but it is a little weird when people tell you things that you can't remember! I love that one with my eyes closed. It's brill!

This is the scene from Sunday 5th Feb morning. It snowed about 4 inches. As nice and pretty as it makes the world, it's a right pain in the arse, and I hate how it just makes life come to a complete hault! It's due to snow here again this week, and I am really wishing and hoping that it won't!

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Anonymous said...

Jenni!! cant belive you have put those aweful photos of us up on your blog lol!! I had a fright lol! Nat x