Sunday, 13 May 2012

A few weeks Ago, We went to Rome!

Yea, it has been a while since we've been back...and it's taken a while to update my blog with the photos we took! 
What to say, well, honestly, Rome is WOW. Beautiful. I love that city. The weather (as you'll see!) was hot hot hot (but what we found very odd...was that the Italian nationals still wore jeans, boots, coats, scarves...and it was 25 degrees C people!!)  I actually got burnt. 
Everyone is lovely and speaks English, so we were able to get by fine. I just can't begin to explain how much fun we had, and the amazing sights we saw. So here are a few photos (out of 400 odd) to try and give you an idea =]  

 The Swiss Alps! 

 In the Villa Borgeuse region looking out over the city.

 A delicious Tiramisu  

 The Colosseum

 The Pantheon

 A typical Roman street 
 Our favourite restaurant 

 Look how big the cobbles are! 
 I can't remember what these ruins are! 
 Roman baths
 Down there on the where Gavin and I would sit every evening.

 The "Wedding Cake" of Rome!
 On the way to the Trevi Fountain (or the Fontanna de Trevi!)
 The Trevi Fountain!

 A delicious chocolate gateau! 
 Massive pizzas - Gavin's had apples on it! 
 The ice cream was the best ice cream ever! 
 Tiny buses! 

 Inside the Vatican
 St. Peters Square

 View from the Spanish Steps
 The Spanish Steps 

 Inside the Peroni Bar! 

Me - on the last day, after about 3 Peroni's - burnt and tired!! 

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