Sunday, 27 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7 - My Pet Hates

I have so many (if a little too many) pet hates! But, I am very good at putting up with it. Unless it's my fiancé, in which case I have no qualms in telling him that he is getting on my nerves! 

1. Nail Biting - I just don't like that weird, horrible noise that some people make when they bite their nails. Some people don't make any noise, so I can put up with it, but others, oooh it gets under my skin! And the amount of germs that are underneath nails is not worth thinking about, when it goes into people's mouths! ew!

2. Joint clicking - knuckles, toes, neck, knees, ankles, wrists. Any part of the body that people click really gets on my nerves. It's just so un-necessary! 

3. Snoring. Keeps me awake. If it's loud and stops me from sleeping, then I don't like it. 

4. Sniffly noses. I wish people would blow their noses. I'm guilty of it too when I'm stuck without a tissue, so I do annoy myself! 

I'm really don't moan about these, I am quite good at not saying anything! So don't think of me as a moany old woman!

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