Sunday, 20 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1 - Introduction!

I've seen this challenge going around at the moment on Cupcake Mumma and my friend Jade's blog , and I thought I'd join in. I've been a bit, stuck for posts recently. I write them, and then I think "no-one really cares about my moaning of how I find it hard to wear anything I want without it making me look like a 16 year old, or about how I need me time". I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it! 
So this is something that will give me 31 days of blogging (yay!). 
Here is the List 

So, Day 1 - Introduction and Recent Photo:

I'm Jenni, 22 years old, and above is the most recent (well, a month ago!) photo of me. It was taken whilst on holiday in Rome inside the Colosseum, by my fiancĂ©, Gavin. Yes, I have a fiancĂ©, and we've been together for 7 years, engaged for 1. Mental. I live in East London, and work for a good company as a Senior Recruitment Clerk. I have a 2.1 degree in psychology and I am a natural blonde! I'm pretty average, I like the average girly things like clothes and make up. I also like geeky things like Star Wars and computer games. I collect notebooks (although I think Jade has taken over on that one hehe!) Yes, I have two best friends, Jade and Kate and I have a bunch of other great friends from my old workplace (those who follow, know that I was glad to leave there!) Cor, writing this, it's hard to tell a lot about myself without going into writing either a CV or an autobiography. I love writing and photography, watching films and long walks in the park or a beach (ok, now it's sounding like personal add!) I'll just leave it there!  


CupcakeMumma said...

It's so great to finally learn more about you! I've read so of your other posts and were quite similar! Look forward to more posts! Xx

Jenni Jones said...

Aww thank you! I know, it's really strange hehe! xx