Tuesday, 22 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3 - Favourite Quote

Now, I'm always confused with these things. Is it a quote from me? From a friend? From a famous philosopher, or from a TV show?

I just don't know! I don't have one quote that sticks with me through life. I just, well, have a little saying that I always end up telling the recently single people: 

 "love will happen when you least expect it!" 

I say this because I'm living proof! I was totally not expecting to meet the man I plan to marry in bloody school at the tender age of 15! I genuinely thought I was going to end up alone. I even remember talking to my mum about it late one night before the next school day, crying even, saying "I'm going to go to bars and pubs with my friends and I can just see myself sitting there all alone, while they're all off with men". 
Ha, who knew what (or who) was around the corner!? Boy was I wrong! 

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