Thursday, 8 December 2011

Neglect is not Funny

It’s been a long time.
I honestly don’t a decent excuse... I’ve been really, really busy. Organising Christmas presents, buying Christmas outfits, catching up with friends, nursing the fiancé. When I’m not doing that, I am sleeping.
So, as an unfortunate result, my blogging has suffered.
Not to worry though! I plan to get back on the blogging roll, updating this blog and my other baby – Noted – regularly.

So, it’s December. O.M.G. Where on Earth did this year go? I can literally remember last year like it was yesterday. I can remember the work Christmas party. I can remember the snow. I can remember still being a temp, not being secure in my job. I can remember being a girlfriend.

This year, only one major thing has changed. I am engaged. I am a fiancée. I am to be wed.
I am still at the same job. It’s not snowing (thank goodness). The Christmas party is at the same place. I will be wearing a different dress. I have longer hair.

Oh man, how depressing is that!? This is exactly why next year, 2012, I plan to change my life. To turn it upside down, (in the right way) and make it amazing. I’m not sure when you’re supposed to do New Year’s Resolutions, so I’ll leave that to do on new year’s day.
But, I know that my two best friends and I are going to Paris next February. I know that my fiancé and I are going to Bruges in Belgium next March for our anniversary. I know that we plan to go to Rome in the Summer. I want to change my job. Get a career.

So, to document the last month of this year 2011, I will do a photo a day every day for this month, and post it on here.
To catch up:

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