Sunday, 11 December 2011

I need sleep!

You can totally see that I am very hit and miss with my blog at the moment...but as I said previously, it is Christmas season, the season of parties, visiting family, and spending each spare minute hunting for the perfect Christmas present that won't be yet another wasted, unwanted item just slung under someone's bed. To top it all off, I have a cold. Booo.
Truth is... December is a tough month. As I have got older, it's got harder. I can now sort of understand why most people (adults) are so "Grinchy" about it. My bank account is the lowest it's been for months, my brain is hurting from all the present thinking I have to do, I still haven't recovered from three lots of nights out from the last weekends, work is crazy busy, and people are miserable, as is the weather.
Don't get me wrong, now that all the decorations in my house are up, my desk is Christmassed up with a massive tree and tinsel at work, and the Christmas cd has been played about 100+ times since 30th November, I am feeling Christmasy. I am happy too, I haven't let it get me down (yet!). As much as I feel like I haven't slept for weeks, I love going out at night, drinking, dancing, laughing.
So, today, the fiancĂ© and me in late, had breakfast in bed and watched Family Guy, and we are spending today doing nothing. He's on his game, I'm on my blog!  Perfect way to end this weekend, and a much needed rest before I go to work tomorrow, and with two people moving on to better things, it is going to be mental. I will need all the strength (mentally) and patience (angry customers) I can get!
I leave you with the catch up of photos that I am supposed to be doing daily! 

December 9th

December 10th

December 11th

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