Thursday, 30 June 2011

Where does time go?

So it’s July tomorrow.
Where on earth has my life gone? Next month, I would have been in this “temporary” job for a year. Then it will be September. And the graduate scheme rat race will begin. This year has gone way too fast for me! I feel like I haven’t done anything!
So, I have lots of plans for July. This first weekend on the 2nd we are going to see Foo Fighters at the Milton Keynes Bowl. And, I am so.very. excited. I . can. not. Breathe!
The weekend of the 9th and 10th, is Film and Comic Con  in London, and, my god, it looks –amazing-! A bunch of my friends and I will definitely be attending that! I am not going to pass up a chance to meet Christopher Lloyd!
The weekend of 16th and 17th is Gavin’s birthday weekend, and I have a surprise booked for him.
I don’t have any plans yet for the next couple of weekends after that, but I am sure I will have!

I was thinking about my very good friend’s inspiration week on her blog. I had a little piece on there, where I wrote about what inspires me. Lots of things inspire me. Books, films, places, music.
But the main thing is other people. yes. Other people. Not movie stars, or rock stars. Normal people. My friends, family. Strangers.
I hear people’s stories, I see friends photos, I read lots of blogs. People write about their life, their travels and their journals, and some of them are very inspiring!
I think one of the reasons why these people inspire me is because they are normal, and they have amazing lives and attitudes and ideas that all come from their own normal selves. They don’t have the help of millions of pounds to travel or write, which makes lives of those that do seem impossible and therefore uninspiring to me. Many of my friends at work and home have travelled to amazing places, and that just inspires me to go myself. Because if they can. I can!

So that was my piece. Then I thought, I also get inspired by photos. Especially artistic photos. Sounds strange. But I see them and I want to create my own. That’s another thing I love.  Taking photos. I mean, everyone does. My friend James Lyons is an amazing (albeit, weird) photographer, and takes great artistic, different photos. I may actually ask him to teach me how to take some good photos one day. I will blog about how it goes, and put some up! 

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