Tuesday, 28 June 2011

*Warning* Major Opinionated Rant Below....

Hello, .... . I probably say this about, oooh I don’t know, 50 odd times a day? And after nearly a year of saying it.. I’m getting a little bored of it. Bored of saying the same thing, doing the same thing and even getting frustrated over the same thing, day in, day out! It’s shame really. The place itself is great, my work colleagues are fab, (with a few exceptions) and it’s only a 10minute walk from where I live. Perfect. It’s just that, the job itself is so monotonous and sooo very easy.  There are no challenges; therefore, there is no job satisfaction.  I am a graduate, as are a few other girls here. And we are stuck in a job that a school leaver can do. Somehow I don’t see that that was how the further education system was meant to work. (I wasn’t belittling those without degrees on any level, I was simply saying, what is the point of having a degree, if the only jobs that we can get are those that require GSCE’s.)
The further education system is total joke anyway. Throughout GCSE’s and A levels, we are constantly bombarded that a “degree is the most important thing you can get in life; a degree will open doors; a degree will put you in a job with a 22k job”. And so go forth many, many, many students, including myself, onto university, getting almost £15k in debt, with the belief that this amazing qualification will put them ahead of everyone else who left school at 16 and 18. 3 years later, imagine my (and many others’ I’m sure) disheartenment when I find out, that after applying to over 150 degree orientated jobs, many of which were graduate jobs, that I got nothing. Why? Because I did not have any experience. What. A. Joke. What is the point, in getting a stupid degree, when all employers look for is experience. No one, throughout my educational life, told me experience was just as important as (if not more) a degree. I wish I had known this before I chose to go to university. I am stuck, in what feels like, a life, way behind those of my peers who left school at 16, and are managers and earning good money.
So, to end this bitter complaint, I say, to any possible readers out there who are considering going to university, think about it before you do. If you are going for the experience, then great, go and live! But if you’re going for an education and “better job possibilities”, then maybe you shouldn’t bother, or, be prepared to do a masters and maybe even a doctorate, to actually get a better job.
Rant over.... for now! 

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