Friday, 24 June 2011

What's in a name?

So a short note on the reasons behind my new blog name. I used “the big name generator”, one of those silly websites where you put in lots of information, and from that info, names are created. The content was the emotion I was feeling at the time, and notebook was the answer to “a random object”. “The content notebook” was the website’s answer to “my punk rock band.”
I could have just had “the content notebook” but I liked the fact that it was an answer to the rock band question. I love rock, punk rock, hard rock, metal, etc. So it was very apt.
I’ve also just had a whim of an idea. If notebooks were people, they would always be content. They don’t seem to mind being used, or being ignored. They are content in just being a tool that people use when needed.
So there. If I had a punk rock band, I would call it The Content Notebook.
(not really, the name doesn’t scream punk rock, but, still, I like the idea!) 

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