Wednesday, 20 June 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13 - What is my earliest Memory?

My earliest memory? That will have to be when I was bribed by my mum and dad to eat custard.

I hated the stuff. It still makes me sick to the stomach when I think about it! 
I distinctly remember sitting at the dinner table, with mum holding my favourite green bowl full of this disgusting yellow not-quite-liquid-not-quite-solid substance. She said if I eat just one spoonful, I will be allowed to have a brand new Disney Aladin video. After much detesting, I finally gave in and put the spoonful of stuff in my mouth. 
Then jumped off the chair and ran upstairs to my bedroom. The custard was still in my mouth. I really did not want to swallow it.
Dad then came up the stairs and gave me the video and patted my head. 
I waited until he went back down, and spat the custard into the toilet. 
Ickle me - a few years after the custard incident. I found it useful to have dinosaurs near me whenever yucky food was around! 

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