Tuesday, 5 April 2011

So.. yea!

So, I really wanted to start this blog, like so many others, and write about really interesting things, like so many others. But I have nothing of interest to write about! I started to write one about my mini crisis I am having about my clothes, and not knowing how I want to dress (girly or rocker) but I just thought, this is rubbish. No one is going to want to read about the problem I have with deciding what clothes to wear! There are much more important things in life! So I’m going to ramble about whatever comes my way!
So I’m sitting here at work, writing this in a word document, so I don’t get flagged for sitting on a blog site all day. Not much is happening. Phones ringing. Maintaining people’s web orders.
What I really want to be doing is journaling. And scrapbooking. And writing. I have a lot of spare time at work, where I have completed my daily tasks. This could be used for journaling time, but, of course, this would be frowned upon and I am supposed to be doing work! I try and do some when I get home, but I am tired from the day’s work, and my brain is frazzled to think! Lame, I know! I have one page done; in my new art journal that I bought last week. I will put a photo up later on.
I’ve been reading a blog on journaling, and she emphasises the fact that it should be messy and not thought about. But I am one who likes order and methodically doing things so that they look nice!
I may do another journal entry tonight, if I do, I will put it up here =]
Anywhooo, I’ll sign off now. I don’t want this rambling to go on too long! 

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