Monday, 10 September 2012

Not So Boring Post!

I've been absent for a while! My bad, I've been back at my proper job and I've been very busy! So much so that I'm shattered after the day. Not to mention that I get home at 5:30, so I don't really have time to write as much anymore. But this does make me :( .

Not much to update really, I'll post some instagram photos and other photos of my life in separate post. 

However, the most exciting thing happened this weekend - my best friend had her baby! Many congratulations on the birth of this amazing little boy. He is adorable. I wish him and the ickle family the best of wishes, and I'm very lucky that I get to be a part (if but a small one) of his and their lives. Very happy for her and her fiancĂ© and his big brother. Yay! =D

I'm so so so jealous that our best friend Kate got to meet him today and give him lots of cuddles. I can't stop looking at the photos of him. I want to hurry up and meet him too! I feel like I should pester them hurry up and sort out when I can go and meet him. When I get a text from either the mummy or daddy saying "come round soon!" and I'm like "yes ok when you can, just say it and I will go!", I get excited when they may name the day.... then nothing! It's like they're teasing! But of course, I know that it's just because the they're so tired and overwhelmed that talking to me is very far down on their list of priorities right now! 
Sorry but it's not my fault he's so gosh darn cute! 
It's so unusual of me to be so excited over a baby. I haven't been in the past. I guess it might be because it's the baby of someone close to me, I'm not sure. But it's like something has changed, I'm now thinking about how amazing it must be to have made this precious little life. I think some sort of hormone has been triggered! Before, I used to associate childbirth with disgust and pain and all sorts; now, I just think of cute little babies! 
So it looks like me having babies in the very distant future is not a total no-no...!! 

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